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Vegan Bacon Made From Eddoe Launches in UK

 Naturinni debut their plant-based ‘bacon’

This UK-based company claim to have made the ‘first vegan version of bacon to ticks all the boxes’, committed to producing healthy, plant-based alternatives using a tropical potato-like plant called eddoe to create their product.

Eddoe is an excellent source of fibre and carbs and contains numerous vitamins and minerals that are good for your health whilst being low in fat, meaning that Naturinni has nearly 40% less fat than actual bacon. Using Himalayan salt also mean that this ‘bacon’ contains less sodium than its animal-derived counterpart.

Naturinni has not yet announced when and where their product will be available to buy, which will be sold as a 130g vacuum-packed product with a kilo pack option for trade and retail customers.

To keep up-to-date with Naturinni, visit their website. 




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