Online retailer makes tennis vegan-friendly

Online retailer Sheeps will be launching the first vegan tennis ball on Tuesday 9th July 2019.

Founder, Danny Rosenthal, expresses that he launched Sheeps after discovering ‘that most tennis balls contain wool and many tennis sneakers (even those without leather) contain animal products.’ To fill the gap in the market and to cater to consumers who want to enjoy the popular sport while staying true to their vegan lifestyle, Rosenthal created a line of ethical and animal-free tennis accessories.

A study from Prudour Research shared that the worldwide tennis market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of approximately 2.4 per cent over the next ten years, with an expected worth of US$ 631.2 Mn by 2028.

Annually, 360 million tennis balls are produced – most of which contain animal wool. Although it is common belief that shearing sheep is a necessary act to maintain high standards of animal welfare, the majority are deprived of a natural existence, systematically exploited and commoditized. The sheep are then put to slaughter prematurely when they are no longer able to produce marketable wool.

In a recent press release, the company shares that its goals are: ‘Accommodating tennis players seeking to avoid animal cruelty; raising awareness about the hardships of sheep; and building a movement intent on make tennis cruelty-free.’

Sheeps stock a variety of other vegan-friendly tennis accessories, including shoes, water bottles, polo shirts and racquet strings. The full range can be found on their website.

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