James Cameron’s food company invests in $140 million protein initiative

Verident Foods, owned by James Cameron and his wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, has invested in a $140 million enterprise to help with the growth of the vegan protein market.

Ingredion, a company who make ingredient solutions, is behind the push for improving the accessibility of plant-based protein in line with the increasing global demand.

The ingredient manufacturer will be producing pea-protein isolates and pulse-based flours in 2019, as a result of the $140 million investment.

Ingredion’s president and chief executive officer, Jim Zallie, said: “We’ve identified plant-based proteins has a high-growth, high-value market opportunity that is on-trend with consumers’ desire to find sustainable and good tasting alternatives to animal-based proteins.

“We’re excited by what these investments represent for Ingredion. Being a sustainable and trusted source of plant-based proteins provides us with another major ingredient platform to complement our offerings in clean , wholesome, texture and nutritional ingredient solutions.”

James Cameron commented: “We’ve found a great partner in Ingredion. They share our vision for plant-based proteins and other ingredients, from pulses, and with their resources, expertise and worldwide reach, together we can be leaders in the new wave of global food production.

“This is also a huge opportunity for Canadians, especially in the prairie provinces, to add value locally to their vast agricultural production.”

The global market for soy and gluten-free meat alternatives is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2022, further fuelling the need for more plant-based protein.

Tony DeLio, senior vice president of corporate strategy and chief innovation officer at Ingredion, said: “More consumers are looking for products with clean and simple labels, offering specific and health nutrition benefits that taste great.

“Meeting the nutritional needs and achieving the right functional requirements will require a broad range of protein alternatives that are sustainable and affordable. By combining our expertise in product formulation with an expanded plant-based product portfolio, we’re well positioned to deliver a breadth of ingredient solutions for our customers around the world.”

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  1. Eric Weisman on December 19, 2018 at 10:07 pm

    Thank you so much for all the great work saving Non-Human Lives, Human Lives & our Planet. It amazes me that People like ourselves are making so much headway against the insanity, demented greed and genocide of those that run the N. American Governments.
    30 Years ago we started Evolution Plant Protein Vegan Pet Food Co.. Evolution was the 1st Vegan Pet Food Co. on the Planet. When we started Evolution, I was rescuing Cats, Dogs and others. They were dying with peculiar diseases and the vets I was working with could not tell me what was causing their illnesses.
    I started investigating the Slaughter Animal Pet Food Industry to find out why my beautiful Pets were dying prematurely and it did not take too much research to uncover the horrific facts regarding what really goes into pet foods.
    After seeing the 4 – D Animals (dying, dead, diseased and disabled) along with the Baby Male Chicks and Anorexic Sewage Laiden Mother Layer Hens that ground up by the millions for “Chicken” in Pet Food every month, I immediately knew there had to be a better way to feed our Pet Children.
    My dad, Paul Weisman, Pharm. D, University of Toronto, Dr. D. Brightsman, PhD, Animal Nutritionist and I put our first Evolution Diet Pet Food together in 1989.
    For many years we have struggled against the lies and misinformation of vets and Slaughterhouse Pet Food Industry supporters.
    We are still in operation. Again: Everyday, it amazes me as to how People like ourselves are really making a huge difference.

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