Israeli Company Brings Sustainable Solutions to the Food Industry

 Israeli Company Equinom is Bringing Sustainable Solutions to the Food Industry

The seed-breeding specialists and start-up company Equinom, are on a mission to help food producers create cleaner meat-free products.

They are currently the largest provider of high-yield, shatter-resistant sesame, with many acres of their sesame growing in the USA, Australia and Europe. Their current focus is plant protein, where they plan to accelerate the development of sustainable, reliable and healthier alternative proteins while solving the three most significant challenges facing the category: availability, diversity and price.

With non-GMO crossbreeding technology, Equinom wants manufacturers to unlock the true potential of plant-based meat products, enabling food companies to close the gap between consumer demand for cleaner meat alternatives and innovative, tasty, affordable products.

Marketing Director for Equinom, Itay Dana, commented: “Natural products not only need to exclude additives and preservatives; they also must have short, simple ingredient lists,” “Unfortunately, despite the buzz, plant-based meat products don’t necessarily support clean-labelling.”

“In contrast, Equinom’s seeds for plant ingredients make processing nearly irrelevant because Equinom’s whole beans deliver on taste and nutritional goals that are closer to producers’ needs,” “Equinom’s breeding technology grows better-for-you ingredients that do away with over-processing, simplify ingredient lists and eliminate the need for additives, so producers can go ‘from plant to product’ in fewer steps.”

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