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Irish Sausage Manufacturers Launch Meat-Free Alternative

Richmond Launch Meat-Free Sausages

Kerry Foods’ popular sausage brand Richmond Sausages has expanded into the meat-free market, with the ambition to continue advancing its range in response to a shift in consumer demands. The introduction of Richmond Meat-Free Sausages means that those looking for more choice at mealtimes or to moderate their meat consumption are considered, as well as those that already follow a vegetarian or plant-based diet.

Richmond has more than 100 years of experience in making sausages, so over time have developed a deep understanding of their consumer’s needs and the overall sausage market. The launch of Richmond Meat-Free Sausages is a natural but noteworthy expansion and is in response to the increase in people looking to reduce their meat consumption. Created to cater to existing Richmond customers as well as those who may be new to the brand, the development will help Richmond Sausages become accessible to everyone in the UK.

Renowned for their unique taste and texture, the Richmond Meat-Free range has been created with both in mind: the new range looks and tastes just like a standard Richmond sausage, however, the plant-based alternative is made from a soya-based protein, with each sausage containing a mere 57.5 calories per sausage as opposed to the 132 calories that the standard Richmond sausage contains. Taking these factors into consideration indicates that the new meat-free alternative will be a simple and logical swap for consumers.

Richmond Meat-Free Sausages

Director of Kerry Foods, Dawn Spencer commented: “We know how much people love our sausages – we’re the Nation’s Favourite. But increasingly consumers are looking for a broader range of options to choose from, and this includes alternatives to meat. Richmond is one of Kerry Foods’ longest-standing brands, but we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and meet the demands of consumers. We’re confident people will love our Meat-Free Sausages just as much as our core ranges, making this a must-stock for retailers looking to appeal to families looking to try something new in their weekly shop. Our complete range of sausages ensures we are bringing families together at mealtimes, helping them create one meal with different options for all dietary preferences.”

The new Richmond Meat-Free Sausages will be rolling out in retailers from the end of September, RRP £2.50 for a pack of eight.

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