Innovative vegan egg company sell over 2 million products in three months

Pioneering food company, JUST, has announced that they sold over 2 million eggs in the three months since its launch in September. JUST’s liquid egg replacer is sold in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore, with the data coming from all three countries.

Co-founder and CEO of JUST, Josh Tetrick, shared the news on Instagram. The product was named as one of TIME Magazine’s ’10 Smartest Sustainable Products of 2018’, and is the brand’s latest launch.

The JUST egg is made from mung beans, and can be used to cook food that would typically be made with egg. Retail data showed that the product was selling more than chicken eggs in some locations, proving the popularity of the product.

Speaking about the positive sales news, Tetrick commented: “We’re grateful to see this extraordinary sales data. We’ve always said that if you make it easy for food people to eat well, they will.”

Whilst egg replacers still remain a rather narrow market, the egg replacers market continues to grow and is expected to be worth $1.63 million by 2028. Tofu remains a popular choice to make scrambled ‘egg’ and other products.

Consumer shopping habits are the main reason for the shift towards plant-based egg alternatives – breakouts of avian influenza, the ethical standards of the egg industry and the high cholesterol content of eggs some of the noted reasons.

The carbon footprint of a dozen eggs in comparable to the impact of milk, according to research conducted at the University of Orviedo in Spain.

The health problems associated with laying hens within the egg industry is a problematic area for many consumers. Male chicks that are a result of the egg industry are discarded and killed in a barbaric manner, with this being one ethical concern.

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