Vegan cheese factory opens in former French abattoir

Plant-based cheese company, All In Foods, has established itself in the site of a former abattoir in France. The brand creates vegan cheese and other plant-based products, and moved to the former abattoir after the previous business had to lay off staff in 2013.

All In Foods was created by the Jouault brothers, who work together on the plant-based food together, with the company still expanding. Speaking to Huffington Post about their story, Bertrand Jouault said: “With my brothers, we were influenced by the intolerance to milk developed by my father, a dairy producer. This is how we discovered vegan.”

All In Foods use sunflower protein, coconut oil and potato as the core ingredients in their products, keeping them allergen-free. Bertrand Jouault commented: “Food safety is assured by removing all allergenic products, and only four companies in Europe have this level of technology, hence the very confidential nature of the manufacturing processes.”

Despite the secretive nature of the production process, All In Foods have over a hundred products on the market, all of which have received a positive reception internationally. Their cheeses, mayonnaise, and dessert creams are just some of the items sold around the world, with 90 per cent of their sales collectively coming from 30 countries.

All In Foods started with the two brothers, and now manage a team of 20 staff. The purchase of their new site means they hope to hire more staff and increase production. Bertrand said: “We will soon open a fourth production line. We will probably need a dozen additional employees by the end of the year.”

Being able to expand their plant-based business in France, a country famed for its consumption of meat and dairy, proves the exponential rate that veganism is taking off at. With more people changing their ethical stance on animal products, and the increased awareness of the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment, the plant-based market continues to expand.

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