Heura create new vegan nuggets with children in mind

Heura create new vegan nuggets with children in mind

In a blind taste test, children give Heura’s new nuggets a score of ‘infinity’


Adding to its highly successful collection of tasty plant-based ‘chicken products’, Barcelona-based vegan meat company, Heura, has launched nuggets that are ‘good for kids, good for the planet and good for animals’.


A recent study from the National Library of Medicine showed that 18 per cent to 33 per cent of infants and toddlers consumed no servings of vegetables throughout the day (source). While some of the littlest mouths can be the pickiest, developing healthy childhood eating habits are vital as they can lay the foundation for adulthood.


vegan nuggets


With this in mind, Heura set out on a mission to create a delicious, nutritious, sustainable solution with the shortest ingredient list possible 40 per cent less than chicken nuggets or plant-based competitors. Among its nutritional values, the low content of saturated fat stands out, with 44 per cent less than chicken, high in fibre, protein, vitamin B12 and gluten-free. 


But most importantly, Heura needed to make sure the nuggets were kid approved! So, they put them to the test with a demanding jury of children. The result? A score of ‘infinity’!


vegan nuggets


While they may not claim to like vegetables, Heura’s fun and authentic panel of judges Martina, Juliette, Folu, Nil and Abucacar conducted a real ‘blind’ taste test that changed their opinion about the vegan diet. This is just one of the ways Heura seeks to bring children closer to alternative ways of eating, helping to break their paradigms about vegetables.



‘Natural Next Step’

Co-founder and CEO Marc Coloma of Heura says: “As a mission driven company, we understand that our actions today directly impact generations to come, so kid-friendly nuggets were a natural next step for Heura’s portfolio of ‘chicken’ products.”



“The fact is, although they’re often geared towards kids, the original chicken nuggets weren’t created with the health of children in mind. They were created to (they say) ‘save’ the poultry industry. Not only are we offering a healthy food solution for children, we´re creating a more sustainable world for them.”


Over a million lives saved

According to Heura, by the end of 2021 they plan to have saved more than 1.1 million chicken lives. With its new nuggets, already available throughout Spain at Carrefour Hypermarkets, Caprabo and Uvesco, among others, Heura continues to expand its product offering, providing society with holistic solutions for food: healthy, delicious for the whole family, and sustainable.



Heura Nuggets are slated to roll out globally later in 2021.





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