Cruelty-Free Fois Gras

Supreme is an experimental project based in France that is working on developing a cruelty free alternative to Fois Gras.

The lab developed Fois Gras substitute is grown from cells taken from just a single duck egg, and is free from all the nasty practices that come with the production of non-vegan Fois Gras and pate.

Supreme’s mission is to create a product that replicates Fois Gras that is better for animals, humans and the planet.

Traditional Fois Gras (meaning fatty liver in French) is a heavy, fat-rich French delicacy that comes with a multitude of health warnings such as amyloidosis — the buildup of abnormal proteins in tissues and organs. Supreme however, claims that they are a 100% ethical company and ‘the first foie gras that does not kill the duck’ .

They are currently at the beginning of their research and development phase, so do not want to commit to a specific release date yet. However, on their website they state that their goal is to ‘offer a delicious foie gras that will delight the most gourmets by 2022 or 2023’.

More recently, the popular Michelin-star restaurant chef Gauthier, came up with a plant-based alternative to Fois Gras in a collaboration with the dynamic cooking duo Bosh!

With veganism on the rise and showing no signs of a decline in popularity, more company’s are starting to come up with revolutionary ways of developing plant-based meats and lab grown meat substitutes, which is good news for the animals, our health and environment.

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