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H&M Launch sustainable and eco-conscious Fashion Line

High street fashion retailer H&M has launched a new range of sustainable and eco-conscious fashion wear.

The Swedish clothing company revealed last week that the sustainable and eco-conscious line The Conscious Collection is made up of ethical and cruelty-free fabrics such as pineapple and citrus fibres. The range is their push towards a more sustainable way of producing fashion.

Their website also states that the range offers ‘environmentally-friendly capsule collections made out of sustainable or recycled materials’. This coincides with their garment recycling program, a scheme that encourages customers to donate their lightly worn or unused clothing (of any brand) to their garment recycling box. In turn, H&M offers a 15% dicount off their entire purchase.

Over half of the materials the brand uses to make their garments are either recycled, organic or sustainable, which they hope will encourage their customers to take a more responsible approach to clothes shopping whilst remaining on trend, stating that ‘fashion has a place on both the red carpet as well as a natural part of our day-to-day lives is just one of the ways in which we are pushing the development forward towards a more sustainable fashion future’.


For more information, visit the H&M website.


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