Food Packaging Misleading for Consumers, Says Animal Welfare Organisation

Compassion in World farming has launched a campaign to get honest labelling on meat and dairy products in the UK, claiming that the current information given to consumers is confusing and dishonest.

In their campaign information, they state that there are no compulsory measures in place to assure customers of the process that their food goes through and not allowing consumers to make informed choices.

The campaign information says: “Most factory farmed products carry no information, leaving consumers unable to make informed choices. On top of this many products have labels or packaging that is undefined, unclear or outright misleading.

“A pork product from a factory farmed pig may carry labels that says ‘farm fresh’ or ‘all natural’ and packaging carrying images of green fields or woodland.”

Whilst many people are learning about the production process of meat and dairy products, some people are still in the dark about how their food ends up on supermarket shelves. The Honest Labelling campaign is calling for DEFRA to give transparency to the public by requiring ‘method of production’ to be included on the labelling.

According to information from CiWF, eight out of ten consumers want to know how animals are being reared, prompting that mandatory labelling be brought in. You can read the full campaign here.

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