Companies Urged to Make Plant Based Products by Trillion Dollar Investors

Companies are being urged to make plant based products with support from trillion dollar corporations to future proof their food supply. As the demand for protein increases each year, and the world’s population grows exponentially, investors are turning to encouraging the production of plant based products to tackle this problem.

Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) is coordinating the investor coalition that back the report, with a collective worth of $2.4 trillion across 57 large corporations that are analysing 16 multinational companies.

Companies that were included in the report are Nestlé and Tesco, who they believe would benefit from investing further into the plant based proteins market. However, the report identifies them as being two of the most prepared companies for a shift into the plant based market following investment into new product launches.

Other companies included in the analysis are Kraft Heinz, General Mills and Unilever. Speaking to Plant Based News, Rosie Wardle, Head of Investor Engagements at FAIRR said: “The plant based proteins market is booming, and consumers are sending a strong message with their wallets to the global food industry.

“The companies that get ahead of this curve and proactively invest in the development and marketing of plant based foods are those that investors will be looking at to generate stable long-term returns.”

FAIRR was set up to by private equity pioneer Jeremy Coller. In 2016 they set up a sustainable protein engagement that has since seen 16 large food retailers and producers get involved with the initiative.

The investor coalition backing the sustainable protein engagement has grown to 57 investors with over $2.4 trillion in AUM (Assets Under Management), with over 42 per cent of these investors coming from the US.

The report claims that the alternative protein market could reach $5.2 billion by 2020, with a CAGR of 8.29 per cent. The alternative proteins market includes food such as the innovative Impossible Burger, and clan meat start-ups such as Memphis Meats.


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