Canada Is A Step Closer To Banning Animal Testing On Cosmetic Products

A proposed legislation banning animal testing in Canada, known as the Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act (Bill S-214) has passed the Senate. This act will prohibit domestic animal testing for cosmetic products, as well as the sale of any products which have been tested on animals after the bill is passed.

As it will now move to the House of Commons, Sen. Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, the bill’s Senate sponsor, has expressed that she hopes “Members of Parliament will act swiftly to make cosmetic animal testing a thing of the past.”

As 37 countries around the world have already taken a stand to ban products which test on animals, Sen. Stewart-Olsen also adds “The time has come for the Canadian Government to step forward and take action to prohibit cosmetic animal testing and bring Canada into the 21st century.

“We look forward to working with all parties to see this bill become law. No animal should ever again be made to suffer for the sake of human vanity.”

The campaign is supported by other organisations, inlcuding the Humane Society International (HIS), LUSH Cosmetic and Animal Alliance, which together are leading the Canadian campaign #BeCrueltyFree, to help raise awareness.

Liz White, Animal Alliance of Canada Director, stated: “We urge Members of Parliament to listen to their constituents, the overwhelming majority of whom support federal legislative action to bring an end to the cruelty of cosmetic testing in Canada.

If the bill is successful, a phase-in period will be implemented to allow companies within the industry time to adjust to the new rules.

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