Walkers and Innocent Leading the Way With New Products and Flavours

Walkers are leading the way with new product launches including a range of crisps celebrating their 70th birthday. The new flavours have one for each decade, with coronation chicken to represent the 1950s, roast lamb and mint for the 1960s, cheese fondue for the 1970s, chicken tikka masala for the 1980s, BBQ rib to represent the 1990s and sweet chilli for the 2000s. The new, limited edition flavours are on sale now, and available in multipacks or single bags.

The announcement of the new flavours comes alongside a number of food and drink launches, with several being in the dairy-free sector. Innocent have announced the launch of their protein drinks, both of which are dairy-free and suitable for vegans. The two flavours are berry protein, and tropical protein, which are part of their Super Smoothies range.

In addition, Innocent has announced their new dairy-free milk range, available in almond, hazelnut and oat. The new milks are packaged in 30 per cent recycled PET, lowering the carbon footprint of the product more so than other brands of plant based milk.

Innocent’s managing director for the UK and Ireland said: “We set ourselves a huge challenge to produce a great tasting and great looking product in a PET bottle without using any artificial additives. We’re really proud of what we’ve produced.”

Other companies that are investing in the plant based market include Coca Cola European Partners with their AdeZ smoothies range, set to be available in the UK this month. Available in three flavours that are all dairy-free, the range is aimed at people who want access to healthy, beverages on-the-go that are also suitable for vegans and fill a gap that there currently is in the market.


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  1. Sandra on March 19, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    Are all the walkers flavours vegan?

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