Vegan mutton debuted by Indian start-up

India based company Good Dot announced their debut product, a vegan alternative to mutton. Sheep meat is the second most eaten meat in India, as Western food habits have crept further around the world.  At its roots, India is a vegetarian country, and this heritage is gradually being changed by the amount of meat being consumed by the population.

CEO of Good Dot, Abhishek Sinha said: “Upwards of 70 per cent of people do eat meat, and India has the opportunity to take a better path than the West when it comes to meeting our country’s growing demand for meat.” With India’s meat consumption rising, the time to bring back the vegetarian values of the country is now.

Deepak Parihar, Good Dot’s CFO said: “The younger generations and growing middle class are pushing India away from its roots as a vegetarian country. By developing a healthier product that provides the taste and texture of meat, for the same price, we can reverse the trend toward non-veg.”

The product is made of a combination of soy, wheat and pea proteins, and has been made available across 7,500 stores in India. The brand is marketed as a vegetarian product, as the term vegan is not widely used in India, although the ingredients are entirely plant based. The product is being sold as Vegetarian Meat, in the hope that more people will adopt this option into their diets to replace the increasing consumption of mutton.

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