Vegan Meal Replacement Bar Smashes Crowdfunding Targets

A new vegan meal replacement bar that is being crowdfunded has smashed its target of £80,000. The bar contains 100 per cent of the necessary vitamin B12, 50 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of iron, vitamin D, zinc, calcium, omega 3 and 12g of protein. The brand, Human Food, is expected to be released this autumn.

The bars are designed to have a neutral flavour, with both sweet and savoury tastes to them. On the crowdfunding campaign, they are explained as being called Human Food due to being made from 100 per cent organic whole foods and extracts and made from ingredients that humans need and find easy to digest.

The bars do not have any synthetic ingredients and no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours have been added. The packaging for the bars is going to be designed to be completely recyclable, and as much as possible will be made from recycled materials. One of the materials used is Natureflex, which is made from renewable sources.

The bars will be priced at £3.30 each, which although it is above average against other nutritional bars on the market, it is designed to be more beneficial than other competitive products. In addition, the bars are gluten, wheat and grain free across all varieties.

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