Vegan leather market to be worth $85 billion by 2025

New data from business consultancy, Grand View Research has reported that the vegan leather industry is set to be worth $85 billion by 2025. Leading the way in boosting the vegan leather market is car companies, in efforts to keep up with the demand for cruelty-free alternatives to leather.

Footwear and furniture companies are also contributing to the development of the market, driven by consumer demand.

Companies like Piñatex are leading the way with innovating new materials, using pineapple leaf fibre. Leather made from other fruits is also available on the market, including leather from apples, oranges and mushrooms.

Iconic furniture makers, such as Chesterfields are adapting to the consumer demand, with the introduction of vegan leather on their sofas.

Callum Tombs, sales director at Chesterfields of England, said: “In recent times our company was receiving more and more enquiries for a sofa with the look of the classic Chesterfields but made without leather.

“We currently produce a range of sofas in velvet and wool, but have decided to make a range in environmentally friendly faux leather to satisfy demand.

“This range and all ranges going forward will use no animal products in either the glues or foam used in the frame or padding, two areas where other manufacturers especially ones abroad are still using animal products.”

Vegan leather shoes have been in the headlines recently, with UK high street retailer Marks & Spencer creating a vegan-friendly range of shoes. Recent data has shown that vegan leather shoes make up 73 per cent of new cruelty-free fashion product launches.

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