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Vegan Desserts Rise in Popularity By 329%

At the end of 2017 Pinterest rounded up the top 100 trends and dished out the figures for how much these trends have grown during that year. High on the list out of the top 100 were vegan desserts, plant based meat alternatives and other vegan-related trends. With a number of news outlets reporting that veganism will remain a top trend throughout 2018, Pinterest are expecting foods and lifestyle choices such as this to continue to rise this year.

On their top 100 list, Pinterest wrote: “Lean, mean plant proteins: Meat isn’t the only protein powerhouse. Lentils, hemp and quinoa pack a nutritional punch and taste just as good (saves for “plant proteins” +417%)”.

Dairy alternatives have also seen a big rise in popularity, with searches up increasing by over 300 per cent. Pinterest wrote: “We can’t believe it’s not dairy! Desserts can be awesome without animal products – just trade coconut oil for butter and flax seeds for eggs (saves for “vegan desserts” +329%)”.

As veganism continues to rise, and more people are looking for healthier alternatives to every day foods, the searches for inspiration on seeking alternatives that taste delicious are also increasing. Pinterest reported that alternatives to potato chips also had a large increase in searches. Pinterest said: “Oh snap: World-class snack artists are swapping greasy chips for dressed up edamame and snap peas (saves for “snap peas” +273%)”.

In each of these cases, the phrases were searched under the terms ‘plant proteins’, ‘vegan desserts’ and ‘snap peas’, each earning their spot on the list. They were placed on the list in the food and drink section, ranking high up in that category.

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