UK’s first vegan ice cream subscription service secures £400k investment

UK’s first vegan ice cream subscription service secures £400k investment

Vegan ice cream subscription service is ready for major expansion across the UK


They were the UK’s first vegan ice cream subscription service, but now, Beau’s has secured a massive £400,000 GBP investment. Beau’s goal is to build a vegan gelato brand that will raise the benchmark for the ice cream industry and create a new facility in the North East.


In 2019, Beau’s carried out an initial round of investment that allowed them to scale up their capabilities, but now the brand has secured additional funding. This comes from a group of investors including the TRICAP Group and venture capital firms Dismatrix and Northstar Ventures Limited – with money from the North East Innovation Fund, supported by the European Regional Development Fund.


A chunk of the investment will be used to create a 100 per cent vegan, top-quality ice cream manufacturing facility in the North-East of England, which the business will move into in early 2021. According to Beau’s, this will greatly increase their production capabilities, allowing them to seek a wider range of market opportunities going forward, including white label manufacturing.


The investment has also enabled Beau’s to launch the UK’s first vegan ice cream subscription service – Beau’s Pint Club – which sends subscribers a dessert box of gelateria-quality vegan gelato, as well as toppings, cones and other delicious items, direct to customers’ doors each month.


vegan ice cream subscription service


Pint Clubs

Here in the UK, ice cream ‘pint clubs’ are a relatively unknown concept, yet they are a tried-and-tested staple in the US. With the rapid rise of online shopping and increase in consumers opting for subscription services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Beau’s team is confident that this model will appeal to UK customers.


Beau’s is tapping into the rapidly expanding market of vegan consumers, with recent figures showing that there are now over 600,000 people in the UK who already consider themselves to be vegan. And there are more people expressing vegan purchasing behaviours too, with 125,000 people signing up to try a vegan diet during this year’s Veganuary campaign.



‘Coming to the mainstream market’

Joseph Eyre, CEO and founder of Beau’s comments: “Beau’s plans are far-reaching and innovative and I’m delighted to lead such a talented team to grow the business and bring quality vegan products to the mainstream market.”


“We believe that we have a product that can appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike, making it a perfect option for families with mixed dietary preferences to explore. Beau’s Pint Club is just the first step in bringing quality authentic vegan gelato to a much wider audience.”



‘Appeal to the traditional market’

Moray Martin, TRICAP CEO and Chair of Beau’s adds: “As well as offering vegans and those with lactose intolerance a nutritionally balanced gelato of uncompromising quality, Beau’s products will appeal to the ‘traditional’ ice cream market simply because they taste very good.”


“This broad appeal, alongside the company’s sustainability credentials, were recognised by investors as key success factors aimed at overcoming some of the challenges faced by retailers and across the catering sector. We look forward to supporting Beau’s growth and development as it begins its manufacturing ramp up and brand building phase.”




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