UK supermarkets join ‘Peas Please’ campaign to encourage consumers to eat more veg

Asda, Waitrose & Partners and Aldi have joined the Peas Please initiative, established by The Food Foundation. The group is an independent think tank who aims to tackle the challenges in the UK’s food system, with public interest at the heart of the scheme.

Peas Please was launched in 2017 with the aim of promoting vegetables and reverse the declining consumption of them.

The Food foundation identifies that 80 per cent of adults and 95.5 per cent of children aged 11-16 aren’t eating enough green vegetables, and as a result the Peas Please campaign has since delivered an extra 4.8 million portions of vegetables to consumers since last October, when the programme launched.

Aldi has decided that it will dedicated 12 television adverts dedicated to promoting vegetables, as only 1.2 per cent of food advertising goes on adverts about vegetables.

Julie Ashfield, managing director if buying at Aldi UK, said: “Our new store layout dedicates more space for fresh produce. Working with Peas Please gives us the opportunity to help our customers increase their consumption of fresh vegetables. We will also continue our work on developing recipe ideas to share with and inspire customers.”

Peas Please has the support of over 80 different organisations, all working with them to promote the importance of vegetables in the diet.

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