UK Meat Alternative Brand To Launch New Sausage

Moving Mountains® have announced the launch of a new sausage

The UK meat alternative brand and creator of the Moving Mountains® B12 burger, have revealed that they will be launching a plant-based sausage.

The news coincides with Beyond Meat® announcement that they too will be launching a new sausage, soon to be available in UK Tesco stores across the country.

Similar to the Beyond Sausage®, the new ‘banger’ promises to be realistically ‘meaty’, designed to look, taste and sizzle just like its meat-based counterpart.  Also akin to the Beyond Sausage®, the skin of the Moving Mountains® Banger is created using nutrient-rich algae.

The Moving Mountains® Banger is made from nutrient-rich vegetables, including oyster mushrooms and beetroot, and is deliciously seasoned with pepper and nutmeg with coconut oil providing a juicy texture.

A Moving Mountains® hotdogs is already available in plant-based eateries such as Earthling Ed’s Unity Diner and in the pub and bar chain of eateries,  the Stonegate Pub Company. The Moving Mountains® burger is available on the menu of UK restaurant chain Harvester and in Hard Rock Cafe restaurants across Europe.

Founder of Moving Mountains®, Simeon Van der Molen commented: “We are delighted to launch the 100% plant-based Moving Mountains® Banger. We have spent years perfecting the recipe with a team of scientists, farmers and chefs and it is the closest replication to a pork sausage in the UK. It provides a real solution to the environmental impact of the animal agriculture industry, without compromising on taste for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters.”

Moving Mountains® Banger will be available to UK consumers in restaurants nationwide later in 2019.

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