Tesla announce all-vegan interiors for their vehicles

Founded 14 years ago in July 2003, Tesla, Inc. took around five years to gain widespread recognition; the company released the first ever electric sports car (the Roadster) in February 2008, before the Model S, an electric sedan became their second vehicle in June 2012.

Fast forward to December 2016 and the then-13-year-old automotive company had sold 186,000 electric cars and was the world’s second bestselling manufacturer of plug-in electric cars.

Looking to the present day, Tesla, under the leadership of CEO Elon Musk, are certainly a household name — and the latest news to come out of the company is bound to only endear them further to the public.

Tesla has announced that their leather seats have now been replaced entirely by vegan alternatives.

It was a seemingly overnight switch, with the announcement stating that all interior leather had been replaced by vegan material, with all mention of leather having been removed from their website.

It is an exciting and apt move from the company, whose cars already allow people a more environmentally-friendly way to get around; but for the interior of the car to be made without the inclusion of the cruel leather industry is a huge move for vegans everywhere; whilst Tesla themselves may not be the most affordable car manufacturers, their switch to vegan materials could prompt other companies to make the switch, or at least make a vegan alternative to leather interiors available in their own cars, in order to keep up with Tesla.

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