Stocking Meat-Alternatives With Conventional Meat Increases Sales For Sophie’s Kitchen

Recently, there has been a mass debate on whether vegan meat-alternatives should be stocked next to conventional meat in supermarkets. Although some vegans and vegetarians are against this move, others believe that it will in fact increase sales – and seafood brand Sophie’s Kitchen would support the latter argument, after sharing recent data.

Sophie’s Kitchen offers a range of different plant-based fish replacements, however they have recently started to focus their efforts on their tinned Vegan Toona, as they were unable to meet the demands of the frozen product.

Since the tinned Vegan Toona has been place next to tinned conventional tuna, a 72 per cent increase has been reported. Wang has also reportedly been working with two universities in Asia.

Eugene Wang founder of Sophie’s Kitchen comments on the success: “Some stores cross-merchandise the cans in the vegan, plant-based, refrigerated section next to vegan mayonnaise, too. It gives the consumer the idea that these Toonas can be used just like real tuna.”

Wang also comments: “Unlike some meat alternatives, we only use real food ingredients. Nothing is lab-grown because we believe that nature provides all the components for great food. The most influential thing about the clean-label movement is the fact that it forced us, as manufacturers, to take a more responsible and transparent approach to the ingredients we use. As retailers and consumers are educated, we move toward positive change. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Beyond Meat was the first company to place its product, The Beyond Burger, down the meat aisle; they also reported a 70 per cent increase.

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