Steakhouse adds vegan menu that everyone can enjoy

The vegan community of Seattle now have a new restaurant option when eating out, as Daniel’s Broiler steakhouse has added a fully vegan menu.

For a long time, Seattle has been a great place for vegan-friendly food, and this steakhouse adding a vegan menu represents the huge growth in demand being seen for plant based options.

The new 100 per cent vegan menu features stuffed mushrooms, penne Bolognese, almond ricotta stuffed cheese ravioli and wraps, with no animal products present.

Speaking to King 5, the Corporate Executive Chef of Daniel’s Broiler, Peter Coulter, said: “We felt there was a market we could capture onto that a vegetarian or a vegan consumer knows they have a place to go where their friends or family may want a steak.”

The challenge for Coulter was to create items that anybody could eat and enjoy, whether vegan or not. “If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know [the Bolognese] was vegan. I think that’s my goal because I’m a meat eater,” Coulter said.

He continued: “We put the kale protein salad on [the main menu] with nuts and whole grains, and we made a vegan so called honey mustard. It’s not honey, it’s agave and vegan mayonnaise and just [tastes like] regular mustard and people are loving it.”

Six per cent of people in the US now identify as vegan, a number which is only looking to be growing.

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