Start-Up Company Tap Into Dairy Alternative Market

Start-Up Company Tap Into Dairy Alternative Market

ChickP, a food-tech start-up company that develops plant proteins, has launched a line of chickpea-based isolates, specially designed for use as a dairy alternative.

The ground-breaking plant-based protein has been developed by the faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who have used patent-pending technology to extract up to 90per cent pure protein out of the chickpea seed.

The new chickpea isolates offer beneficial characteristics that will help alternative dairy producers overcome challenges in the processing stage, as well as fulfilling consumer demand for nutritious, tasty products. Thanks to its high solubility and smooth viscosity, ChickP forms a gel-type emulsion that helps to achieve a firm finished product.

MD, founder and CSO of ChickP, Ram Reifen, commented: “We tested the chickpea ingredient across a range of parameters, including functionality, flavour, nutrition profile and protein content.”

“Sensory parameters such as taste, colour, and texture are the key factors for success in launching any new product in the marketplace. Plant-based milk alternatives that contain ChickP have been shown to mimic cow’s milk and yoghurt better for taste, mouthfeel and nutritional value.”

The new plant-based protein claims to be free from any bitter flavours that require masking with artificial flavours, sweetener or sugars, with a texture and functionality that makes it perfect for heating without curdling. In addition to this, the nutritional profile of this alternative is made up of 90 per cent protein and less than one per cent fat, whilst being free from allergens such as dairy, soyaand tree nuts.

ChickP was founded in 2016 on the basis of a patented technology developed after 20 years of research conducted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yissum, the TT company of the Hebrew University, invested in the process via the Agrinnovation Fund, supporting the establishment of ChickP in 2016. The company developed and manufactured its products on a pilot-scale and begun to scale-up operations in 2019 to market the chickpea isolates to dairy-free and dairy companies alike.

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