LoveSeitan releases Seitan Pepperoni

Vegan meat brand LoveSeitan has announced the launch of Seitan Pepperoni, the UK’s first product of its type.

The product has been in development for a year; the UK-based company confirmed that they have taken care to ensure that it is good enough to satisfy meat eaters and vegans alike. It is soy-free, Kosher certified, and 100 per cent vegan.

Commenting on the launch, Steve Swindon, co-founder of LoveSeitan, said: “We’re all very excited to launch Seitan Pepperoni, especially as it’s a UK first! There’s no denying that pepperoni is the world’s favourite pizza topping; now we can enjoy a plant-based version without the need to involve animals in the process. We’ve spent a long time developing this product to make sure it fits the pepperoni taste profile and appearance as closely as possible. After many different variants, we’ve finally found the right recipe to satisfy pepperoni lovers. We’re looking forward to seeing how it’s received by consumers and businesses across the country.”

The new Seitan Pepperoni is available either sliced in 100g packs for £1.95, or as a non-sliced, 275g log for £3.95. The 100g packs use MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) which uses a mixture of gases that extend shelf life.

LoveSeitan is the UK’s leading manufacturer of seitan, a wheat-based vegan meat. For more, visit


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