Pizza Restaurant Seeking In-House Vegan Cheesemaker

Pizza restaurant Purezza, is seeking an in-house vegan cheesemaker to keep up with the growing demand for vegan pizza in their plant based restaurant as the UK’s first vegan pizzeria. They make their own vegan mozzarella, raw cashew cheeses, a ricotta style cheese and a cream coconut cheese.

They are due to open a new restaurant in Camden, London at the end of February. Co-founder of Purezza, Tim Barclay said: “Purezza continues to work to change industry norms. It’s really exciting to be in a position to be able to hire someone for a full-time role as a vegan and plant-based cheesemaker.

“It really shows the development of the vegan market over recent years. Vegans are often criticised for leading a decline in dairy and disrupting traditional farming practices. We would argue that actually demand creates supply – that it’s a natural shift in industry.”

He added: “Just as the horse and cart was replaced with cars, plant based is a replacement for our current food systems. It does not destroy jobs, it simply shifts them, in this case from a dairy farm and traditional cheesemakers towards sustainable farms providing key ingredients for our cheeses and a plant based kitchen.”

Not only are their cheeses dairy-free and lactose-free, they are also considerably healthier with less than half the calories and fat of dairy cheese, and better for the environment during the production process.

You can check out on their job listings here, where they are currently hiring for all positions ready for the Camden restaurant opening.


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