PETA launch new guide to introducing vegan options for catering industry

The increase in veganism has brought about more restaurants seeking to cater for the diet, and PETA have made a Guide to Introducing Vegan Options. It has been designed with the catering industry in mind to educate them on how to develop vegan food for their customers.

Split into sections, the guide has chapters, such as ‘Why Offer Vegan Options?’, ‘Quick Switches for Menu Favourites’ and ‘Hidden Ingredients’. With suggestions on how to veganise dishes, such as classic fish and chips by swapping the fish for tofu or banana blossoms, the guide provides a simple way for food service providers to make plant-based options readily available.

PETA director of vegan corporate projects, Dawn Carr, said: “Huge numbers of Brits are seeking plant-based foods, and offering tasty, innovative vegan dishes is the easiest way for restaurants to cash in. There are plant-based versions of nearly every animal-derived food, so it’s time to look beyond houmous and sorbet.

“From helpful tips to inspiring ideas, PETA’s guide will help those in the food industry put their best animal-friendly foot forward.”

The guide notes easily accessible vegan ingredients, such as egg-free mayonnaise, vegan cheeses, plant-based yoghurts and milks and how to use these ingredients in classic recipes for simple swaps.

Whilst the number of vegan options on menu has significantly increased in the past year, there is still work to be done on creating inclusive, vegan-friendly meals at all eateries.

According to PETA, the number of vegans in the UK has increased by 700 per cent, making veganism the fastest growing lifestyle movement of recent years.

Businesses interest in learning more can download the guide here.

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