A third of Brits have reduced or stopped eating meat, says new report

One in eight Brits are now vegetarian or vegan and a further 21 per cent of the population follow a flexitarian diet, and have reduced meat from their lives.

UK supermarket Waitrose, announced the findings in their annual food and drink report, as people are reflecting their concerns about climate change through their shopping habits, with more people reducing, and avoiding meat and dairy.

Nick Palmer, head of Compassion in World Farming, said: “It’s extremely encouraging to learn how many Britons are choosing to reduce their consumption of animal products.

“Science proves that the healthiest diet is one that is plant-heavy. By eating less meat, fish, eggs and dairy and choosing higher welfare when we do, we can all help animals, people and the planet.”

Speaking about the findings, Waitrose’s executive chef, Jonathan Moore, said: “There was a time when choosing a plant-based diet was about taking an ethical stand based on unwavering principles.

“For many, this distinction between vegetarians and meat-eaters still exists but for others the lines have blurred.”

Throughout 2018, Waitrose has shown their commitment to the vegan community, with a dedicated plant-based chiller cabinet, and a new, extensive range of vegan ready meals and products.

Natalie Mitchell, head of brand development at Waitrose, said: “This year, we’ve seen vegan food go mainstream; whether cooking at home, buying prepared food or trying the newly vegan-friendly restaurants, people are discovering that it tastes amazing.”

The information was gathered from an online poll of 2,000 adults, alongside data from millions of transactions from the supermarket’s customers.

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