Oatly Launch New Products, Adding to Their Range of ‘milk for humans’

Swedish oat milk brand, Oatly, has launched a new range of milks, similar to the options available within dairy milk ranges. The new chilled products include Oat Drink Skinny, which is 0.5 per cent fat, and completely vegan. Oat drink semi and oat drink whole are ideal for consumers looking for an alternative to cow’s milk.

Oatly are renowned for their delicious milk alternatives, and they are also known for their witty advertising, with the latest products seen on a billboard in Rotterdam. The advert showed the Oatly whole drink, with the tagline: “It’s like milk but for humans.”

Each of these new products have unsaturated fats in them, and are great to pair with your cereal, tea, or for use in baking. Oat drink semi has a 1.5 per cent fat content, and when compared to its dairy counterpart, is better for the environment, too.

Oat drink whole is best for those wanting to switch from dairy, mimicking it’s high fat content, but with healthier unsaturated fats. The brand notes that replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats helps to contribute to maintaining the recommended cholesterol level.

The new Oatly products will be available from all mainstream supermarkets from 8th of October, with an RRP of £1.80.

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  1. Helen on October 11, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    Hi, the first paragraph insinuates that the Full and Semi versions are not completely vegan. Are they?

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