New vegan supermarket launches online

Shopping as a vegan can be time-consuming, but a new online vegan supermarket is making it easier to find plant based food and get it delivered straight to your door.  The vegan supermarket was founded by a frustrated married couple, who wanted to make vegan shopping simpler for consumers.

The vegan supermarket delivers to the UK and across the EU and sells everything from vegan food to cruelty-free cosmetics and household items.

Speaking to Plant Based News, founder Dana Levy explained how difficult it can be to find good quality, ethical products. “People want to do good, but it’s actually quite hard for them to do that when they don’t know the impact of products and ingredients, nor when they don’t have easy, trusted access to products that meet their values.

“We want to facilitate this process [by helping] people make the world into the place they want it to be, by seamlessly changing shopping habits. The formula is simple: by switching to sustainable products, every small purchase you make will have a big impact on our planet and its inhabitants.”

Some of the major supermarkets are getting better at labeling their vegan suitable products with Asda being the first to add The Vegan Society trademark to some products.

There have also been vegan supermarkets popping up around the world, with London getting its first last year and Paris following suit this year with three fully-vegan shops opening.

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