New Vegan Silk Made From Oranges

The cruelty that surrounds the silk industry is often misunderstood, minimised, or simply unknown.

According to Plant Based News: “Silkworms in their thousands and sometimes boils them alive in their cocoons to extract the yarns that will be used to create the silk fabric.

“Female worms are often crushed to death after they lay the eggs that are useful to the industry, and male moths are commonly discarded after they mate, as they are useless to the process of creating silk.”

Although there are vegan alternatives to silk, including viscose and polyester, they are not very environmentally-friendly.

Italian brand, Orange Fiber, have invented a revolutionizing new silk which is made from oranges. The material is lightweight, versatile, and will be more eco-friendly than other alternatives.

To produce the silk, the company uses citrus fruits locally harvested. Special technology then extracts cellulose from the remains after the fruit has been juiced, which can later be transformed into luxurious fabric.

The brand focuses on only using natural, vegan materials, which can help retailers produce high-quality, cruelty-free clothing and accessories.

Orange Fiber was awarded the H&M’s Global Change Award back in 2016.

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