Are miniature avocados the answer to food waste debate?

The debate surrounding food waste is ongoing, as more consumers become fed up with the lack of provisions by supermarkets for wasting food. Tesco has now taken a new step to try and prevent wastage between supplier and consumer with the introduction of its new line of miniature avocados.

These smaller avocados would usually have been rejected by growers due to their small size, and therefore gone to waste. However, due to the fact that they are still edible, Tesco is working in partnership with suppliers to prevent this added waste.

James Cantoni, Tesco avocado buyer, said: “At Tesco, we’re passionate about working in partnership with our suppliers to tackle food waste from farm to fork. These Zilla Eggs are a brilliant way to offer customers great tasting, high quality avocados, which previously would have been rejected by growers because of their size.

“They are perfect for customers who want to snack, without the usual fuss or worry of wasting the other half of the avocado. And it also helps producers who are able to sell even more of their avocado crop.”

Popularity of the green fruit has soared in recent years, overtaking many of the more traditionally popular favourites. Demand was up by 30 per cent last year.

The miniature avocados will be available for a limited time across 100 stores in boxes of six, until stocks run out.

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