Meat magazine reports the positive future of meat alternatives

Meat & Poultry magazine have rounded up the news of 2017 and acknowledged the rise of meat-free alternatives, declaring that the future of meat-free options ‘looks bright’. Following the acquisition of plant based companies by large meat corporations; the market is set to soar.

The publication named the Impossible Foods brand, identifying the appeal to those switching to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle with the Impossible Burger being similar in texture and taste to meat. The recognition from the meat industry of the growing success of plant based alternatives is a positive response, as opposed to shunning the popularity of the products.

The publication said: “As a growing number of retailers, foodservice operators and even processors invest in the future of the technologies behind these new products, the future of meat alternatives beyond 2017 looks bright.”

Back in September Impossible Foods CEO made the strong statement declaring that the company are working towards eliminating all animals from food production by 2035, hoping to replace all food with plant based alternatives. Memphis Meats, a company that cultures meat in a lab were mentioned in the piece too, and they also received investment from Richard Branson and Bill Gates earlier in the year.  As the market increases in the range of products and net worth, the foundations of the plant based diet and lifestyle strengthen, making many people optimistic of the future.

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