Meat Free Products Continue to Rise with New Product Launches

Meat free products continue to rise with new product launches around the world, and new products are in the works. Felsineo, the brand who produce the mortadella, a type of Italian sausage are launching a range of vegan meat slices.

The new range has been developed in response to a decline in mortadella sales, with the president of Felsineo Andrea Raimondi saying: “it is an incontrovertible fact that the number of consumers choosing vegetarian and vegan

is growing.”

Raimondi added: “[These] are not ephemeral fashions, but new eating habits that are well positioned under the umbrella of health and well-being.”

The products are made from the fermentation of flours and legumes until a specific taste and texture has been developed from the ingredients. Flavours included in the range are spic, truffle and smoked in the six options being made.

In addition to this, the meat free products market is continuing to grow with innovative company Beyond Meat are expanding their product range and development site. The new site allows for 100 more people to be employed, including chefs, scientists, researchers, engineers and food technologists.

They are having a new 26,000 square foot site to be able to develop new products. New products that they are hoping to launch in the future are plant based bacon and steak products, after the success of the Beyond Burger.

The company have recently released a range of sausages, gradually expanding their range. Beyond Meat are renowned for their meat-like products that are completely plant based, which have a considerably lower carbon footprint and increased nutrients compared with meat burger patties.

The demand for meat-free products has been recognised around the world, however in the UK there has been a considerable amount of people ditching the meat and eating plant based meals. You can read our piece about this here.

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