Marigold Health Foods Launches Vegan Tuna

The brand that produces Engevita Nutritional Yeast, is launching a tuna fish substitute

Marigold has been in the health food business for 40 years bringing us products such as vegan bouillon powder, instant gravy granules and braised tofu.

Now, with the demand for vegan food products rapidly increasing, the plant-based pioneers are focusing on creating innovative yet affordable vegan food alternatives to fish and meat products.

At the beginning of September, Marigold launched Tunah – a fish-free tuna, Tunah, and Mo-Du – a meaty mock duck.

Packaged in an aluminium can and preserved in safflower oil to mimic traditional tinned fish, Tunah has the texture, taste and appearance of tinned tuna, whilst Mo-Du, their duck substitute is made from large chunks of thick, firm seitan that has been grilled and stored in a sweet marinade.

Both products can be found in good independent wholesalers and health stores and are launching into Whole Foods Market at the end of October, retailing at £2.99 for the Canned Tunah in Oil and £2.25 for the Mo-Du Grilled Seitan.

Marigold is currently in discussion with two supermarkets.


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