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Leading Supermarket to Introduce Plastic-Free Shopping

Waitrose have announced that they will be trialling a plastic free shopping experience

Customers will be able to bring their own containers to the Botley Road Waitrose, Oxford, to refill them with a selection of loose produce.

For a £5 deposit customers will also be given the option to borrow-a-box to take their shopping home in that theywill b e able to return on their next visit.

Refillable options will include dry goods such as pasta, lentils, rice and grains, a variety of frozen fruits, loose fruit and vegetables, Ecover cleaning products, and a selection of coffee, wine and beer.

Prices will be 15 per cent cheaper than the pre-packaged alternatives in the hopes that the scheme will give customers the incentive to go plastic-free.

The trial will run until the 18th August and Waitrose will welcome any customer feedback.




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