Indian school set to switch to vegan menu

A German International school in India will mark the start of the new school year with a significant change.

The German International School Chennai will ditch all animal products from their menu going into the next academic year, with the decision being explained as an ethical one: “We felt it was ethically not right, said Thomas A. Pallushek, Advisor for International Schools in the Asia Pacific region.

“We wanted to reduce the human impact on the environment and eating less meat is the simplest way.”

It’s not an overnight change though — the school began removing some animal products from their menu last year, in 2016: “We watched a couple of informative documentaries on veganism with the students and also included it in our ethics classes,” said Pallushek.

The school invited parents to a vegan buffet in order to let them try the foods their children were eating at school. They make their own alternatives to animal products, such as cheeses and meats.

The parents described the food as “both delicious and nutritious”.

The menu at The German International School Chennai includes ratatouille, dal curry with flavoured rice and cucumber avocado toast.

It’s the first school in India to serve 100 per cent plant based food.

Last week, Air India decided to remove meat from its flight menus.

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