Iceland Foods Launch New Vegan Burger

UK supermarket chain Iceland are launching their first own brand vegan burger called the No Bull Burger and is comparable to products such as the Moving Mountain B12 Burger and other burgers that are mimicking the texture of meat patties.

Speaking to The Sun, Iceland’s Chief Executive Neil Nugent said: “We are trying to get those people who to want to drop meat once or twice a week. This is our first foray into our own-brand vegan. It’s been a real challenge to get the succulence right.”

The burger is made from soya protein and beetroot extract gives the patty its distinct red colouring, and is designed to ‘bleed’. The burger launches at the beginning of April in Iceland stores around the country.

In a review of the No Bull Burger, The Sun’s journalist said that is tasted and had the texture of a real meat patty, although inside the burger didn’t look like a cooked meat burger. The burgers can be cooked from frozen.

The product is aimed at flexitarians, and to make vegan substitutes accessible and cost effective at only £2 for two burgers. With around 22 million flexitarians and over 500,000 of the British population following vegan diets, the burger is showing that this trend of more people reducing or eliminating their meat intake is continuing to grow.

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