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Ice-Cream Brand Launches Low Calorie, Dairy-Free Dessert in the UK

An American ice-cream brand has recently launched a vegan-friendly ice cream

The popular dessert brand Breyers has launched a dairy-free, low calorie ice cream that is currently available to buy in UK supermarkets.

Although Breyers already sell a selection of dairy-free desserts in the states, the new vegan-friendly dessert is part of the Breyers Delights range – a branch of Breyers that produces low-calorie ice cream. Each 500ml tub of the dairy-free ice cream contains a mere 330 calories, whilst also being a source of protein.

Early this year, Breyers responded to queries on their Instagram and Facebook pages stating that “We are launching a vegan range very soon” commenting that the product would be available from the end of February.

Now, it has been confirmed that some of the UK’s leading supermarkets including Tescos, Ocado and Morrisons now stock the Breyers Delight Chocolate and Hazelnut flavour, RRP £5.







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