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Holland and Barrett Releases Own Brand of Vegan-Friendly Ice Cream

The high street health food chain Holland and Barrett has recently launched their own brand of low-calorie vegan ice cream, set to be sold in all 715 of their UK based branches.

Not only is the ice cream range dairy-free, it is also organic and comes in a box that has a resealable lid (as opposed to a separate lid) in a bid to reduce the amount of packaging used.

The range will be available in three flavours, a coconut-based peanut butter flavour, passionfruit flavour and avocado-based salted caramel, which contains a mere 103 calories per 125ml serving.

The plant-based food trend is growing rapidly with fast food chains and supermarkets alike adding to their free from and vegan ranges, almost on a monthly basis. Most supermarkets now stock a range of dairy-free ice creams, so it is no surprise that the health food chain Holland and Barret have decided to follow suit, adding to their increasing range of plant-based meals and sweet treats.


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