Furious vegans blast ‘discriminatory’ milk brand after advert scandal

An Australian chocolate milk brand has been slammed by vegans after calling vegan sausages ‘pathetic’.

The controversial statement was made by company OAK on its Facebook page. The slogan said: “Hungrythirsty is pathetic, like a vegan sausage. Kill HungryThirsty dead.”

Within hours the company experienced a backlash from angry vegans.

Sarah Ellen said: “Targeting vegans is tired and uncalled for. Promote your business if you must but without putting others down. The way you exploit innocent animals is unthinkable. Stop.”

And Bek Varcoe added: “Hate this ad – appealing to the lowest common denominator again.”

Alessandra Cavicchia wrote: “I think it’s really pathetic that your company has promoted hates towards veganism in order to advertise your product. It’s 2016, progression not regression people!”

Rebecca Larsen said: “We are constantly attacked for being pushy yet you bring out a terrible add that discriminates against many Australians and other worldwide.

‘I’m not here to argue that dairy alone is terrible for you, I’m here to explain that to use such a thing that discourages so many people is disgusting and anyone that works for this company or consumes this product should be ashamed.”

Not everyone was appalled by the advert. Baylee Munson called it a ‘great ad’, writing: ‘Nevermind the fact that a bunch of vegans who will never drink your milk are upset because you didn’t pander to them. Keep on keeping on.’

The advert has now been removed from OAK’s Facebook page.

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