Environment secretary calls for football stadiums to serve vegan options

Michael Gove, the UK Environment Secretary, has called on major football teams within the UK to take their commitment to the environment seriously, by way of including more vegan options at food stalls.

Plant-based food has a considerably lower carbon footprint compared to meat, with fewer resources needed to produce it.

Gove has shown his support for the proposed plans laid out by the The Daily Telegraph, which encourages football teams to implement more eco-conscious practices. This includes switching to sustainable energy suppliers, placing a ban on single-use plastic, and serving more vegan options at food stands within the grounds.

The emphasis is placed on Premier League clubs adopting green credentials and to encourage their fans to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Environmental campaigners believe that these clubs have the potential to be a ‘powerful force for change’ and encourage widespread cultural change.

The Daily Telegraph has devised a six point plan to make the Premier League clubs more sustainable. This includes: energy, plastics, food, transport, flights, and influence. The newspaper wants more clubs to offer electric car charging points and reduce the amount of flights to away games when alternative transport is an option.

Speaking about his support for the proposed plans, Gove said: “We all have a role to play in improving our environment. The Premier League is already encouraging clubs to phase out single-used plastic from their stadiums, but I welcome this ambitious plan from The Daily Telegraph.

“With its global influence, the Premier League has an opportunity to inspire it’s and employees to not only tackle the scourge of plastic, but the wide challenges facing our planet.”

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