Start-Up Company to Launch Egg-White Alternative

FUMI Ingredients wants to produce proteins for vegan meat substitutes

Columbian and Dutch University researchers and founders of FUMI, Dr Edgar Suárez Garcia and Dr Corjan van den Berg, have created a plant-based alternative to egg whites. Using micro-organisms, the pair plan to develop other plant-based proteins that can be used in the alternative meat market.

The discovery came after Edgar, who was researching for a PhD in Biopress Engineering, collaborated with his supervisor Corjan after he discovered a new technique of turning microalgae into protein. The two then joined forces to become business partners and FUMI Ingredients was formed.

The driving force behind the business is sustainability, with intentions to create an egg white substitute that has lower Co2 emissions.

Using leftover yeast from the beer brewing process, they discovered that microalgae performs in a similar way to egg-whites, and can be used as a gelling/binding protein, a stabiliser for emulsions and as a foaming agent, for example, to make egg-free meringues.

In 3 weeks, they are going to run a pilot where they will produce significant amounts of the product for their first 15 customers. These customers will test the ingredient, replacing egg white in baking situations, sauces and in meat alternatives. Assuming this goes well, after this first pilot, they will have a 2nd run, as demand for this ingredient has been overwhelming.



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