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California-based company offers free marketing service to cruelty-free businesses

Levley Marketing has launched an eco-friendly and cruelty-free initiative whereby three businesses could win $100,000 of free marketing services. The businesses that are eligible are required to go vegan within the next six months and Aveccio, the name of the Californian based company, who then decide who wins their marketing services.

The competition called the Compassion Business Challenge follows the Kickstart Compassion Challenge in 2017, where businesses could win three months of free marketing services. They also run initiatives that reward businesses for donating to charities by offering discounted marketing services.

President of Aveccio Jonathan Levely said: “By subsidizing the cost of a sizeable business expense, we hope to be able to better be able positively impact the lives of animals more than they would with their resources alone.” The advert made to promote the competition includes statistics about the environment and animal welfare, highlighting the number of animals used as test subjects, the number consumed for meat, the dead zones in the ocean all encouraging businesses to change to a cruelty-free approach.

To enter the competition businesses need to be nominated by being mentioned on the Aveccio social media channels, get their fans and others to like the social media posts and have fully transitioned into a cruelty-free business by June 30, 2018. Through the contest they are hoping to be the first vegan media company to make an impact within the business community.


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