Brazilian Cities Pledge to Serve Only Plant Based School Lunches

Four Brazilian cities have pledged to serve only plant based school lunches by the end of 2019. The four cities, Serrinha, Barroca, Teofilandia and Biritinga in the state of Bahia have officials working with Humane Society International (HSI) on the new initiative, which is hoping to see the schools reduce their animal products consumption by 25 per cent in each semester to gradually reach their goal of going completely plant based.

The new initiative is called Escola Sustentável and began on March 19. HSI’s chef, André Vieland has been helping with setting up the initiative. HSI said: “Chef André taught cooks how to prepare cost-effective, nutritious recipes, using accessible local ingredients.

“Escola Sustentável mission is to improve student health, reduce the cities’ environmental footprint (especially water consumption), and empower local farmers who will be able to supply the school districts with plant based foods.”

Brazilian Public Prosecutor for the Environment in the State of Bahia, Leticia Baird, said: “Providing our school districts with plant based meals will help save environmental and public financial resources, allow for a future of healthy adults, and build a fair world for the animals.”

Sandra Lopes, Food Policy Manager for HSI in Brazil, said: “We applaud the cities of Serrinha, Barroca, Teofilandia and Biritinga for becoming the world’s first school districts to commit to going 100 per cent plant based.

“It’s an honour to have worked with city authorities, nutritionists and school cooks on the adoption and implementation of this initiative, and we’re excited to continue working closely with them to ensure the success of this program.”

School across North and South America have begun to include vegan options on their school lunch menus, with the recent news that City Council Members in New York City pushing for processed meat being removed from school cafeteria menus.

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