Avocado Plastic Manufacturers Biofase, are Breaking into the UK Market


Avocado Plastic Manufacturers Biofase, are Breaking into the UK Market

The vegan market is becoming more aware of the detrimental effects plastics are having on our ecosystems and wildlife.

This realisation means that consumers are looking for alternatives to single-use PLA and BPA-based plastics, with a real need for alternatives that are both sensible and practical options.

The UK government announced earlier this year that the supply of single-use plastic products such as drinking straws, cotton buds and drinks stirrers will be banned from April 2020. This was a significant step in the right direction to win the fight against plastic pollution.

Now, a Mexican-based company may have come up with the solution.

By converting avocado seeds into biopolymer, Biofase has been able to manufacture straws and cutlery that are 100 per cent recycled and biodegradable, turning something that was formally considered an agricultural waste product, into something that is eco-friendly.  In addition to this, compared to PLA and BPA-based plastic producers, Biofase’s carbon footprint is small.

The products will be marketed in the UK by 4eco and aimed at the catering industry.

Clare Calow and Sandra Johnson, founding partners of 4eco are committed to bringing products to market that reduce reliance on single-use plastics. Clare Calow commented: “We are business people but also mothers and are passionate about our planet’s future.”

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