Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown Interviewed by BBC

The plant-based movement has been picking up attention for many years, and Beyond Meat has been a talking point in the industry since the brand was founded in 2009. The BBC has now interviewed Beyond Meat’s CEO Ethan Brown as part of their online series, The Boss.

The series looks at different business leaders around the world, and the interview follows BBC Scotland’s Disclosure episode titled The Dark Side of Dairy. The BBC is bringing information on veganism to a mainstream audience, something which is not often done. There are numerous documentaries on Netflix and other streaming sites, but this focus on vegan businesses and the dairy industry exposes the lifestyle to more people.

In the interview, Brown talks about the products, and reveals that his 12 year-old son eats a Beyond Burger almost every day, and that he has no qualms about this: “My son’s getting clean protein… and no cholesterol. He’s growing like crazy right now so I want him to have that protein.”

Talking about the burgers, and their meat counterparts, Brown says: “There’s no mystery to meat. Its amino acids, lipids, trace minerals and water. And if you can deliver those four things in the same blueprint or architecture as muscle – why can’t that be called meat?”

He set about creating plant-based meat, seeking funding from family members to get the business off the ground. As a result, a few years down the line, Beyond Meat has become a global sensation taking the lead in plant-based meat alternatives, and is launching the UK this Autumn.

You can read the full article here.

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