Artisan vegan 'meat' company latest to offer Veganuary advice and promotion

To celebrate Veganuary, Gambardeli’s is offering every customer one free pack of their meat-free sausages with every three packs of steaks purchased.


Gambardeli’s is a vegan deli that sells meat-free sausages and steaks made to its own recipe. Three decades ago, founder Margaret Gambardella investigated an ancient Chinese method of concentrating the proteins in flour and flavouring it with soya sauce to produce tasty, meat-free steaks and medallions. After years of refinement, and realising there was a market for her products, she decided to launch them to the public.


Gambardella believes veganism has provided her and her family with a healthy lifestyle, an appreciation for the environment and the animals within it. She says even the keenest meat-eater would be satisfied on a vegan diet.
She says: “There are so many myths surrounding veganism and even though it isn’t a new lifestyle, there are still a lot of misunderstandings – people say our diets must be boring and tasteless, that it’s expensive to be vegan, that you must eat meat or drink milk to be healthy… it’s just not true.


“I would invite anyone to just try being vegan, swapping the meat and dairy for alternatives, for a month. It’s a great antidote to the overindulgence of Christmas and will get 2017 off to a great start. Even if you don’t continue with a full vegan lifestyle, hopefully you can still enjoy a couple of meat free days each week.”


According to figures from the Vegan Society and Vegan life Magazine, there are around half a million vegans in Britain today. This figure is three and half times more than estimated in 2006.


The mother of two adds: “Today, we are seeing that young adults are becoming even more savvy and are making decisions similar to the one I made all those years ago when I went vegan – food manufacturing processes, additives and their potential harmful effects on the body and environment all led me to going meat-free and that’s still the case now.


“I can only see the vegan community growing bigger and stronger and important awareness campaigns like Veganuary are key to our growth.”



Picture credit: Gambardeli

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