Argentinian presidential house vegan on Mondays

The centre of Argentinian politics, the Casa Rosada, has announced its commitment to eating only plant-based food on Mondays.

The decision has come in order to reduce the impact on the environment. It is hoped this will lead the way for the Argentinian people who have a very meat-centric food culture.

The 554 employees of the presidential house, including the president Mauricio Macri himself, exclude animal products from their diet at least one day each week.

Fernando de Andreis, Argentinian Secretary General, said: “The only thing that will defend us from an unhealthy diet will be behavioural changes in the way we eat. The purpose is to trigger a conversation about our food, our health, and begin to change our diet.”

The plant-based move and comments have caused some controversy amongst the meat industry. José Luis Triviño, president of the Argentine Feedlot Chamber, an association of cattle farmers, was particularly concerned with the claims that the animal agriculture industry has a negative effect on the planet. He said: “Livestock farming does care for the planet. Besides, there are a lot of other matters to discuss here. Let’s start with the big cities, not the countryside.”

However, even Argentinian undersecretary of state for livestock defended the decision. Rodrigo Troncoso clarified that: “eating more fruit and vegetables is a good thing.”

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